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Essential Tips to Clean and Care for Your Jewellery

Isn’t it amazing when you find your perfect jewellery after days of putting in continuous efforts? Along with wearing it with pride on your special day, you must also know how to take care of it. Whether it’s a get-together, jewellery strikes its own majesty on every special occasion. Similar to your attire, your jewellery is one of the precious possessions you must take care of. Be it one of those small accessories like a statement piece like a layered necklace, every piece needs proper care. After all, jewellery plays a major part in one of the most significant days of your life. For something that holds so much significance, what holds you back from taking proper care? Well, we understand how important your jewellery can be. So, this article will let you acknowledge some of the essential tips on how to take care of your gold and diamond  jewellery like a pro.

Keep It Away from Sunlight

Don’t let harsh lighting retain the quality of your  jewellery. One of the essential factors that you look for while buying your  jewellery is its luster. When UV rays fall directly on the metal, they destroy its brilliance and charm. If you want your jewellery to shine for as long as you plan to treasure it, you must keep it in a place without any source of sunlight. Prolonged exposure can have extreme effects on your jewellery.

Make Sure to Store It Well 

Storing your jewellery in an airtight condition is always recommended. Please don’t rely on the jewellery boxes that they come up with. One of the essential factors in taking care of your jewellery is covering it with a soft cloth. Avoid exposing your jewellery to air moisture since it can remove all its luster. With that being said, you must protect it with a delicate piece of cloth and then pack it in a jewellery box. 

Make Sure your Jewellery is Polished 

A piece of well-polished jewellery makes it even more lustrous and shiny. No matter if you wear jewellery every day or like to store it right after wearing it, you need to polish it. One of the benefits of polishing your jeweller every 6 to 8 months is that it will look new. The built-up dirt can sometimes be stubborn and hard to get rid of. So, you need to polish your diamond and gold  jewellery regularly.

Be Gentle While Cleaning Your Jewellery

Cleaning can be essential before you decide to store your  jewellery post-. Gently cleaning each jewellery piece with a soft micro-fibre cloth can eliminate all the dirt and make it cleaner. Delicate things often need light cloth material to wipe out all the dust. You can also take the cloth you use to clean the spectacles to eradicate all the dirt from your diamond  jewellery. You can also use a brush and soak it in warm water to clean it off. Make sure you cut your nails before cleaning to avoid any scratches over them. You can also consult aarvikajewels for their expert service.

 Keep it Away from Chemicals

One of the major tips for cleaning your jewellery is to keep it away from chemicals. Chemical reactions can oxidise your jewellery which can eventually affect its shine. All you need to do is pay extra attention to the types of perfumes or make-up products you use while adorning the jewellery. Try to wear them once you are done with your makeup or anything that might contain chemicals to safeguard your diamond or uncut diamond studded jewellery.

Now that you are aware of all the major tips for cleaning your jewellery, Well, every metal type is different and hence needs care according to its specific requirements.


Tips to Take Care of your Jewellery According to the Metal Type

Here are some quick pointers you need to know about each metal type so you can treasure them forever without compromising on the quality.

Gold Jewellery

  • Always use a cotton cloth to clean up your gold jewellery

  • Ensure that you keep the pieces separately so that they don’t get scratched 

  • Make sure you remove all the jewellery before bathing or doing any adventurous activity

bhavya day 20434.jpg

Diamond Jewellery

  • Don’t wear your precious jewellery ornaments while you are engaged in any household chores

  • Try to avoid doing any physical or adventurous activity since it can fade the shine 

  • Keep gently washing your diamond jewellery after wearing or keeping it for long

2-26-PM Large.png

Polki Jewellery (uncut diamond)

  • Store it in a soft cloth 

  • Don’t use any cleaning agent or water to clean it

  • You can use an eraser to get rid of the blackened part of the jewellery

bhavya day 20320.jpeg

Every one has their own emotional feelings attached to there  jewellery. People spend a huge part of their savings to get the jewellery for them.


So, doing all those things is essential to keep it shiny. Rather than just putting your  jewellery in a box, try making extra efforts to keep it new for ages.


In this blog, we have mentioned some of the most crucial tips and tricks on how to take care of your jewellery. 

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